Preview: Bomber Heater Valve with Auto-bleed

Here’s a preview of a new product, a high-quality brass ball valve as direct replacement for the aged plastic OEM valves that leak internally and don’t stop the heat, plus a feature that automatically and constantly purges the radiator of air.

I have this one in use, it works great. Total shut off of heat, plus more heat available when you want it because it allows much higher volume thru the heater core. It quickly auto-purges the radiator after a coolant refill, the clear hi-temp tubing lets you see when the purge is done. No extra steps required, it’ll do so with whatever coolant filling procedure you do and continually remove any air that reaches the radiator thereafter. So y’all will have to blame something else for why your rig runs hot, it doesn’t need the radiator bled, it never will again.

I have the manufacturing steps worked out, once I cost out the parts and labor I can set the price. It will include a new control cable as well, because the stock cable wire is pretty thin and may bend when pushing the valve closed. So you will have to remove the instrument housing to run the new cable up and connect to the control lever, but the upside is it’s a lot easier to do the cable adjustment there than up in the fan cavity under the van, like below.

Look for this soon in the Vanistan shop!


  1. April Barker

    We got this and it works great! Thank you 🙂

    • Chris

      Thanks for the report, I’m really glad it’s working well for you!


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