T3 Vanagon Basic Engine Oil Cooler Kit


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NOTICE: Due to some components being unavailable,  this product is out of stock until further notice. Please see our Deluxe Oil Cooler kit instead:

T3 Vanagon Deluxe Engine Oil Cooler Kit


Vanistan engine oil cooler kits put a lid on high engine oil temperatures and put an end to flickering warning lights and terrifying buzzers. Keeping temps below 230ºF extends the life of your engine oil, too, so you can get optimal service for the maximum mileage, saving money and resources while protecting your engine for the long run.


Our oil cooler assemblies install neatly inside the Vanagon’s right-rear D-pillar box cavity, so the air that flows naturally down the rear body pillar ducts can be used for cooling the engine oil. Closely-fitted mounting panels channel airflow thru a top-quality oil-to-air heat exchanger.


Oil flow to the cooler is controlled by a Mocal sandwich adapter unit with thermostatic bypass valve, so full engine warmup is never delayed and oil is never overcooled.


Both kits allow the engine to continue to get its intake air from the D-pillar duct, where the air is cooler and cleaner.


The Basic Oil Cooler Kit is for Vanagons driven mainly on-road. Vehicle speed creates all the cooling airflow your waterboxer engine needs.


Installation is easy in about 2 hours using common tools.


Basic Oil Cooler Kit Includes:

  • Tru-Cool 24-row oil/air heat exchanger.
  • 18ga. painted steel fitted mounting panels.
  • Mocal sandwich adapter with thermostat bypass-valve.
  • Aeroquip black AN-8 hoses with black anodized end fittings and stainless crimp clamps.
  • Black rubber engine intake air duct hose, coupler pipe and stainless clamps.
  • Every part, fitting and fastener needed.
  • Detailed, downloadable instructions.


Find the Guide Here!


  • Basic cooler unit will fit any 2WD wasserboxer Vanagon.
  • Basic cooler unit WILL NOT fit Syncro Vanagons, Syncro must use Deluxe Oil Cooler Kit.
  • Can also be fitted to popular van conversion engines, email for details.
  • Will not fit T3 Doka and Sika trucks which have no air ducted into the cooler unit mounting location.
  • Will not work with aircooled engines.


Please note that if your engine DOES NOT have oil/water heat exchanger above oil filter the kit will cost $90 more for special plumbing parts to install the sandwich adapter.

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Additional information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 8 in
Oil/Water Heat Exchanger

Above Oil Filter, Not Above Oil Filter


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