T3 Vanagon Cabin Air Fresh/Recirc Control Kit




Fix what the factory forgot: now you can add a Fresh-or-Recirculate cabin air control to any Vanagon.


Complete kit adds a cable-controlled closure door to the cabin fresh air inlet scoop behind the front grille, and a one-way recirculating valve to the heater/vent box. Limit entry of cold air when heating and hot air when using air conditioning, making both systems more effective and easier to control, and the cabin quieter. When inlet door is closed, the one-way flapper valve automatically allows the fresh air fan to recirculate cabin air instead.


Can be installed in any year/model Vanagon or T3 pickup with any style upper grille in under two hours. Does not require removal of dash board. Pull-knob control cable mounts right below the heater control levers. Requires drilling one 3/8″ hole in steel dashboard below existing ventilation control lever panel (see picture), or you can make your own under-dash bracket to support cable if you don’t want to drill thru dash.


Complete Kit Includes:

  • Steel inlet door with foam and rubber seal.
  • Foam/aluminum door support inserts.
  • Bellcrank assembly to transfer cable motion to door.
  • Recirculation flapper valve.
  • Steel-mesh pest screen.
  • Pull-knob control cable and installation guide tube.
  • Every part and fastener required for installation.
  • Detailed, downloadable instructions.


Find the Guide Here!



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Additional information

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions14 × 12 × 3.5 in


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