No More Oil Cooler Kits


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We’re sorry to have to say, after fifteen years of offering them, there will be no more engine oil cooler kits. These have never moved in sufficient volume for us to get more than a small discount for the necessary components, and for the last several years (starting well before pandemic time) those component prices keep increasing to where the kits can’t be offered profitably at a reasonable price. Once we used up our inventories of custom-manufactured subcomponents, the decision was made not to reinvest in these products for the foreseeable future, in favor of existing products and potential new ones. That’s business, folks.


Anyone is welcome to download the instructions for ideas if you wish to make your own, but that is all the information or guidance we will offer on this subject.


Kits previously purchased will of course receive their one year of tech and warranty support as entitled, and we will be able to supply replacement oil hoses on request for $100 including domestic shipping.

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