Seat Tilt Kit


Hardware kit makes a swivel seat base tilt forward.

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This bolt-on kit allows front seat swivel base assemblies originally welded into Westfalia campers to tilt forward, for easy access to the underseat pan, a useful area for storage and mounting of accessory equipment. These assemblies are usually salvaged from campmobiles by cutting the original welds that held the base to the van’s seat pedestal. When installing in a van, rather than welding or bolting the swivel base plate to the van’s seat pedestal, this kit attaches the swivel base plate with a sturdy front hinge. Then by pulling two catches at the back, the swivel base and seat can be tilted forward. A prop bar will engage the seat track notches to hold the tilted assembly up. When latched down, the seat assembly is secure and rattle-free, and can be turned full circle on the swivel assembly.


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A single kit modifies one seat swivel base. For both seats two kits are required.


Installation requires a power drill and drill bit set, and common hand tools.


Westfalia Campers note: Most Westfalia Campmobiles sold in N. America had some sheet metal pieces Westfalia added around one or both seat pedestal battery compartments, to create an enclosure that would purportedly seal the battery off and vent it externally. This was done so the campers could be sold as RV’s, the regulation required vehicle batteries be outside of or isolated from the living space. It was a ruse to overcome a regulatory requirement, and serves no necessary or useful function ( the far larger number of non-camper vans have no battery ventilation provisions, because there is simply no need to vent a battery this small). The faux enclosure may interfere with the swivel seat base when the Seat Tilt Kit is installed, in particular the rear-edge angled strip of metal that supported a battery hold-down bracket (there is a stud in the seat pan directly below it for the non-camper hold-down bracket, which can be used instead). In order to fit the Seat Tilt Kit, we recommend removing the enclosure pieces entirely, which will greatly improve service access to the battery, or cutting off the angle strip if that will attain clearance in your particular application. We will provide no specific guidance other than this warning.



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