T3 Vanagon Dash Clip Cellphone Mount


Adjustable Cellphone Mount Clips to Padded Dash.



This cellphone cradle mount includes the Vanistan Dash Clip, which grips anywhere along the formed edge of the Vanagon padded dashboard to create a firm yet easily removable mounting point. The clip pops on by hand, is just as easily removed or repositioned, and it won’t mar the vinyl dash cover.


Now it’s easy to position your cellphone where it’s in reach, easy to see, and less exposed to sun heating and glare. The cellphone mount lets you pan and tilt your phone for perfect visibility, and rolls 90ยบ between portrait and landscape formats.


The mount sidearms are user adjustable to fit phones with or without protective cases from 2.375″ to 4″ total width. The arm ends angle slightly inward to “trap” the phone, they can be set such that the phone can be easily slid in from above but can’t fall out of the cradle. At bottom is a stop block, with an optional-use cable clamp to firmly grip most charge cable connectors.


The mount is hand made from solid ABS plastic stock, steel bar, and uses conventional metric hardware. It’s simple, very sturdy, and highly adjustable for sizing and movement friction.


Kit includes phone holder, one Dash Clip, and hardware.


To buy the Dash Clip alone to mount other cellphone holders or accessories, click here:

T3 Vanagon Dash Clip


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