T3 Vanagon Front Heater Valve




If you’re tired of your front heater control valve not shutting off the heat like it should, or you’ve been burned by the poor quality of cheap replacements, it’s time for something better. The new Vanistan heater valve uses a brass, stainless steel and teflon full-port high-temp ball valve that closes completely with no internal leakage. Being a full-port valve it allows higher coolant flow thru the heater for more heat when you want it. Plus coolant service just got easier, because it automatically bleeds the radiator!


This heater control valve and included cable install as direct replacements for the stock parts. The auto-bleed tube connects to the top radiator bleeder port with a check valve banjo bolt fitting.  It quickly bleeds the radiator of air after a coolant refill. The air is drawn out and flows to the engine by the heater return hose, where it separates in the coolant pressure tank and is purged out of the system. The clear hi-temp tubing lets you see the air-bleed in process. No extra steps are required, once installed it works with whatever coolant filling procedure you use, and from then on it continually removes any air that reaches the radiator.


The valve kit includes a new, thicker control cable as well, which must be used because the stock cable wire is thin and will buckle when pushing this valve closed.


The kit includes:


complete new valve assembly with high-temp bleeder tube

banjo fitting, check valve banjo bolt, copper sealing washers and tubing crimp clamp

new control cable, cable clamp and screw


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Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions14 × 12 × 3.5 in


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