T3 Vanagon Front Heater Valve




The new Vanistan heater valve uses a heavy-duty high-temp ball valve made entirely of brass, stainless steel and teflon, that closes completely with no internal leakage. As a full-port valve it allows higher coolant flow thru the heater for more heat when you want it, and the incorporated bleed tube automatically purges the radiator of air.


This heater control valve and cable install as direct replacements for the stock parts. The auto-bleed tube connects to the top radiator bleeder port (see warning below) with a banjo fitting.  It quickly purges the radiator after a coolant refill, and continually removes any air or gases. Air is drawn out and flows back to the engine by the heater return hose, where it separates in the coolant pressure tank and is purged out of the system. No extra steps are required, it will work with whatever coolant filling procedure you use.


The valve kit includes a new, thicker control cable as well, which must be used because the stock cable wire is thin and will buckle when pushing this valve closed. These valves are quite stiff to move when new, but quickly loosen up with use.


WARNING, READ BEFORE ORDERING!: The bleeder tube banjo fitting will only fit stock radiators and replacement radiators that are exact copies of the stock unit, which have an M8 x 1.25 threaded hex-head screw  (usually brass) in the bleed port.  Some aftermarket replacements, such as Nissens, have a different shaped end tank, with a larger size bleed port threading, and a knurled plastic bleeder screw. (pictured below).  Some other units sourced from South Africa have the bleed port within a recess in the top of the end tank. The bleeder feature of this heater valve will not fit those replacement radiators. Please examine your radiator to be sure the end tank with the bleeder port looks like the one pictured above in the product gallery. If you have a different replacement radiator, you can possibly use the heater valve but the bleeder tube will have to be plugged. There are many variants on the market, we will not be able to help with every one. It is possible to connect the tube to some non-stock-style replacement radiators, but a different banjo end fitting and other parts may be needed, and body alterations may be required. There may be other design differences in non-OEM replacement radiators, so for those reasons as well we can not provide support for these installations.





The kit includes:


New valve assembly with 14gauge stainless steel frame and lever, control cable and bleeder tube preassembled

Banjo end fitting and bolt, copper sealing washers, tubing crimp clamp and protective sleeve.




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Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions14 × 12 × 3.5 in


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