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These rugged steel window inserts install into Vanagon side sliding window frames. Operable louvers allow controlled ventilation while shedding rain. The inserts can be installed or removed in under a minute, no tools required. Install in spring, leave in ’til fall, they are rigid and secure when installed, safe to drive with at any speed. The separate screen panels can also be easily removed and replaced from the inside, without tools. The louver control lever is always at the forward edge of the insert so it’s easy to reach from the front seats.


When removed, the entire insert folds in half for compact stowage.


Construction is heavy duty, the tintop inserts weigh 5.5 pounds each. Frames are 16ga. steel, louver slats 18ga. (20ga. in shorter Westy version). Finish is an attractive dark gray/bronze metal flake paint, which is a good base if you wish to respray the exterior a different color.


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Important fitting info: on some Vanagons, the maximum opening of the sliding door glass is slightly shorter. To be sure that these inserts will fit your window, please measure the maximum opening of the sliding window in your sliding side door. Open the sliding glass panel as far as it will possibly go, which is a bit past the furthest open latched position. Then measure from the forward edge of the sliding glass panel forward to the inside edge of the slotted rubber front channel. This measurement must be at least 16 ¾” (425.5mm) for the long tin-top insert to fit, or at least 12 1/4″ (311mm) for the short Westy insert. Inserts will not be returned for failure to fit, so be sure to check this measurement before ordering in case you have one of these off-spec windows.
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Weight7 lbs
Dimensions24 × 11 × 3 in
Tintop Sliding Window

Left/right pair, Left only, Right only


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