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Louvered panels for tintop Vanagon side sliding windows

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These rugged, attractive steel vent inserts install in seconds in standard Vanagon side sliding windows. Large fixed louvers provide ample all-weather ventilation, keep rain out camping and driving, and look awesome! Ideal for pets, your furry friends can be kept safe while getting plenty of fresh air.
Other vent products are stamped with small stamping dies made for building soffet vents, which produce narrow slits that in total offer only minimal aperture area for ventilation. Our louvers are designed to maximise the ventilation aperture to provide much more free air exchange, and our folding design produces a very secure installation while making them much smaller for stowage.
Our vent inserts fit Vanagon “50/50” side sliding window frames, normally found in hard-top vans. They will not fit the windows typically found in Westfalia campers whose glass panels are proportioned “two-thirds/one-third”.
The inserts can be installed or removed in under a minute. First the sliding glass panel is slid as far back as possible. The insert unfolds to extend into the top and bottom tracks, then is slid forward into the front vertical track. The glass panel is then moved into its rearmost latched position. Finally, the two inside sliding bars are moved back and secured with wingnuts to tightly grip the glass panel. Once in place they are bomber, like an integral part of the bodywork. If desired, install in spring and leave in ’til fall, or year-round in warm climates. They are safe to drive with at any speed, and without screens are no louder than having the side windows open.
When removed, the inserts fold in half for compact storage. Optional magnetic screens can be installed and removed in seconds, stowed installed in the panels, or folded and stored separately.
Construction is all 18ga. steel, riveted and welded, finished with a textured black rubberised paint, which can be over- painted if desired.
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Optional “soft” magnetic screen panels can also be easily removed and replaced from the inside, without tools.

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Important fitting info: on some Vanagons, the maximum opening of the window in the sliding door is too short to fit these inserts. To be sure that these inserts will fit your window, please measure the maximum opening of the sliding window in your sliding side door. Open the sliding glass panel as far as it will possibly go, which is a bit past the furthest open latched position. Then measure from the front edge of the sliding glass panel to the face of the slotted rubber front channel (see picture). This measurement must be at least 16 1/2” (420mm) for the insert to fit. Inserts will not be returned for failure to fit, so be sure to check this measurement before ordering in case you have one of these off-spec windows.

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Weight7 lbs
Dimensions24 × 11 × 3 in

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