“The Knob” appears!

Things are coming together for Redshiftt, in addition to the patent news, we also have in hand the first run of production parts for “The Knob”, as well as the first copies of the circuit boards and Apps for testing.


The knob mechanical parts fit together very nicely with good tolerances between moving parts. The knob circuit board is a perfect fit and the mechanisms actuate the position sensors and actuation switches as designed, so I managed to get the necessary clearances right in the design process first time around. All of these were pretty tight so I’m very pleased about that.


I could hardly wait to see it in its natural habitat, so I whipped out a brass reducer bushing for the Syncro’s gear stalk on the lathe, and spun that baby on!


The test Apps for iOS and Android downloaded and installed easily and look good on the screens, but need some formatting changes in the navigation data display area. We’ve been running the apps and electronics thru their paces. As is normal, there are some bugs to work out, so my electronics developer is on it.


So, moving ahead, very excited to reach these milestones!


  1. Pete Richardson

    Congrats at getting the idea patented. An image of Wile E. Coyote sprung to mind when imagining what it would be like to work with the U.S. Patent office.
    I’m driving around in my Van trying to simulate the required finger movements to operate the as yet imaginary switches. I have a list of new applications I’m anticipating moving to the gearshift.

    Hamilton, Ontario

    • Chris

      Hey Peter,

      Thanks for checking in. I’m working to get one of these in your hand for real as soon as I can! What sort of things are you thinking of using it to control? I’d love to hear your ideas.

      • Peter Richardson

        Hi Chris,
        My switch wish list is:
        1. Front Fog Lamps
        2. Rear Fog Lamp
        3. Radiator cooling Fan over ride control.
        4. Momentary Extra Horn Switch.

        Keep up the good work!

        • Chris

          Cool, thanks for sharing your list! And you’ll have two channels left over for other things.


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