All sales are by Paypal or credit card thru the site. All sales are final.


We strive to keep advertised goods in stock and make our best effort to ship your order by the third business day after receipt of payment. Most orders will ship sooner. If shipment will be delayed past three days we will notify you by email of the delay.


If it’s not shown on this site, we don’t sell it, so inquiries about things we don’t sell will not receive a reply. Likewise, this site is for sales and information about Vanistan and Redshiftt products. Inquiries about other subjects, requests for technical help not accompanying an order from us, requests for opinions about other products or vendors, or requests for help with our own goods acquired used from other parties will also not receive a reply. 


All goods sold on this website are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of delivery to customer or to their other designated recipient (such as a workshop or parcel forwarding service). Remedies are limited to repair or replacement of goods, at Intrepid Overland’s sole discretion. Refunds will only be given if we deem it impractical or impossible to repair or replace defective goods, also at Intrepid Overland’s sole discretion.


Shipping is by US Postal Service Priority Mail and Priority Mail International services, except the WBXaustSS which is drop-shipped by UPS from Rocky Mountain Westy in Fort Collins, CO.


USPS shipments are deliverable to any address including PO boxes. UPS shipment of the WBXaustSS must have a physical address and phone number.


All shipments will automatically include insurance valued at the purchase price. Goods damaged or lost in shipment will be compensated only by the secured shipping insurance and only up to the amounts payable by same. Intrepid Overland will not be responsible for uncompensated loss or damages from shipment.


Please do not ask goods to be undervalued on Customs Declarations for non-US shipments.


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